Seventh International Brethren Conference on Mission

The IBCM7 conference is to take place on 24 - 28 June 2019, at the Hotel Selene, Pomezia, Rome on the theme of '... you shall be my witnesses ...': Engaging with the world and its needs. The keynote speaker is to be Professor John Lennox of the University of Oxford (UK)
There is to be an optional Brethren Training Network extension for 24 hours on 29 - 29 June 2019 which will explore certain topics in more depth
Full details of the conference, including conference fees, are available here.
Programmes for IBCM7 components:
Please note that bookings from countries already to be represented at the conference are being wait-listed. Bookings are only being accepted immediately now, if they are from countries not so far represented at the conference.
Online booking (strongly preferred for administrative reasons) available at:
Non-online booking forms (for those not able to access or use the online booking functions):
A non-online booking form in English is available here. Please follow the instructions given in the form, and return it as directed in the form.
IBCM7 formulaire d’inscription hors internet – version française ici.
Formulario de reserva no online en español aquí.
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