II EICPLP - Encontro de Irmaos das Comunidades de Paises de Lingua Portuguesa

The third meeting of Brethren from Portuguese-speaking countries took place on 23 - 28 August 2016 in Luanda province, Angola, on the theme of 'Building Bridges and Reaching Goals'. There were some 220 delegates from Portugal, Angola, Brazil, Mozambique, Sao Tome e Principe, and the USA. A report on the conference, with its conclusions and recommendations, can be found in the Portguese magazine, Refrigerioonline, Oct-Dec 2016 which can be seen here (pp. 40 - 53). Photos of the conference can be seen on the conference website, http://irmaoscplp.com/

It was agreed that the 4th meeting should be held in Sao Tome e Principe in August 2020.

The second conference of representatives of Brethren assemblies in Portuguese-speaking countries took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 3 - 7 September 2013 under the title of 'Building bridges'. For more information, contact Casmarrinha Duarte (Portugal) or Jabesmar Guimares (Brazil). Poster.
The first meeting of representatives of Brethren churches in Portuguese-speaking countries took place in Portugal in 2008. The conference was attended by over 50 representatives from Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Brazil and the USA as well as three observers from the United Kingdom.