IBCM Organisation

At the international level, the IBCM conferences are organised by an International Planning Group. The present members are: Fares Marzone (Italy – Chairman), Ian Burness (UK), Joel Hernandez (USA), Reynald Kozycki (France), Ken Newton (Australia), Kelvin Samwata (Zambia), David Smith (Australia), Neil Summerton (UK – Secretary), Abraham Thomas (India) and Russell Thorp (New Zealand).
Each IBCM conference is organised in close collaboration with a national committee in the host country.
The conference would not be possible without the financial support which is provided by individuals and foundations in a number of countries to enable participants to attend from countries which have limited resources. If you would like to give financial support for this purpose, or to support the administration of the IBCM conferences, please be in touch with the Secretary of the International Planning Group or use the payment function under 'Payments & Donations' on this website.