Brethren Training Network

The Brethren Training Network was initiated following discussions at the IBCM3 conference in Romania in 2003 and an International Training Consultation held at Emmaus College, Dubuque IA, USA in 2005. 
BTN's purpose is to encourage education and training for leadership and ministry in local churches of Brethren background, and to encourage Bible schools and training courses which serve these churches in different countries.
Progress has been reviewed at subsequent IBCM conferences and at the International Training Consultations held in 2010, 2014 and 2018 (report of the IBCM5 discussion).
BTN is led by an international steering committee, comprising Russell Thorp (NZ) (Convener), Philip Boom (USA), Mark Davies (UK), Simeon Havyarimana (Burundi), Joel Hernandez (USA), Simon Marshall (UK), Sunny Philip (India), Christian Ramirez (Colombia), David Smith (Australia), Len Smith (Australia), and Neil Summerton (UK).  
The main continuing tool of BTN is a website ( which aims to provide easy access to written materials and links to course materials and other institutions and websites which are particularly relevant to leadership and ministry in the Brethren movement. BTN also organises special workshops and training sessions at IBCM conferences, and will be leading a 24-hour extension to the IBCM7 conference in Italy on 28-29 June 2019.
Consultations of representatives of Brethren training institutions and activities
A fourth international training consultation was held on 29 May - 2 June 2018 at Emmaus College, Dubuque, Iowa, USA. For full details see
4th International Training Consultation 2018
(See for papers and audio material from the 3rd consultation in 2014.)
Detailed reports and papers from all four consultations so far are available on
2nd International Training Consultation, June 2010
Brethren Information Network
At the IBCM3 conference it was also suggested that a Brethren Information Network should be established. For the time being, the BTN website and the IBCM website are jointly fulfilling this informational role.