International Brethren History conferences
These conferences are held bi-annually under the auspices of the Brethren Archivists and Historians Network (BAHN). The fifth conference, on Brethren missions history, was held on 25 - 27 June 2011 on the subject of 'The Brethren and Mission' (More information and brochure). A sixth conference is being planned to be held in Ely (England) at the beginning of July 2015 on the Brethren and scripture.
The papers from the first conference in 2003 were published as Neil T R Dickson and Tim Grass (editors), The Growth of the Brethren Movement: National and International Experiences, Paternoster 2006. The papers from the second conference in 2005 were published in 2013 as Witness in Many Lands: Leadership and Outreach among the Brethren (volume 2 in the series, 'Studies in Brethren History'). Papers from the succeeding conferences to date are in preparation for publication as further volumes of 'Studies in Brethren History'. Volume 1 of 'Studies in Brethren History' is Tim Grass, Gathering to His Name: the story of Open Brethren in Britain and Ireland (reprinted by BAHN in 2013). These volumes are available from BAHN Publications.
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