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The IBCM5 Conference was held on 13 - 17 June 2011 in France - at Strasbourg, France, at the invitation of the Entente Evangelique of the Communautes and Assemblees Evangelique de France, the body which unites many of the Brethren churches of France. The theme was 'I will build my Church'.
Including local helpers and attenders, the conference was attended by some 480 people from some 90 countries. Taking into account countries which have been represented at earlier IBCM conferences but which could not be represented at IBCM5, approaching 100 countries (out of the 130+ countries where there are churches connected with the Brethren movement) have been represented at IBCM conferences.
Click here to access recordings of the main addresses and bible studies given at the conference, to see a photo gallery and montages of the conference, and to access speakers' and workshop leaders' notes.
More details of the conference can be found in the conference brochure.
English brochure
Conference funding
The IBCM International Planning Group wish to express warm thanks to the foundations and individuals in a number of different countries who provided funds to help participants to come to the conference from needier countries.